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Sabre® Red™ Workspace brings travel consultants a content-rich marketplace. It features a highly configurable workspace, an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, and data-driven decision-support tools to empower travel consultants of all experience levels to deliver unparalleled travel experiences.

The platform makes the travel consultant's job easier by reducing complexity and minimizing activities that don't add value, helping travel consultants to work more efficiently and intelligently.

What's in it for you?

  • CREATE WORKSPACE EFFICIENCY with the easy-to-use interface design and reduced training time, enabling new hires to deliver revenue more quickly

  • SIMPLIFY TRAVEL COMPLEXITY with graphical responses and data-driven market insights

  • DIFFERENTIATE travel providers' products/services with rich content integration

  • INCREASE REVENUE through enhanced cross-sell/upsell capabilities, fare management functions such as mark-ups, commission and overrides, and integration of other ancillary products and services

  • IMPROVE VALUE TO TRAVELLERS with increased visibility into traveler preferences and additional revenue opportunities such as alternative airports, alternative dates, travel seasonality and fare trends

How it works for you

The new Sabre Red Workspace takes the work out of the workspace for travel consultants. It creates efficiencies through a configurable workflow and user-friendly interface that is designed to make travel consulting easier. By reducing training times, new hires are up and running faster — delivering revenue more quickly.

This version of the Workspace improves consultants' ability for comparison shopping and price transparency by being the first and only platform to tap into APIs and cached data, analyzing trends and putting powerful third-party apps to work for you.

The data-driven insight demonstrates decision-making capabilities and adds value to the experience. For example, if the traveler has flexible dates, you will get insights such as historic fare trends, seasonality, and travel preferences at your fingertips, allowing you to build personalized travel experiences.

Unique market insights and enhanced product information enable travel professionals to offer their customers the best travel arrangements.

Additionally, Sabre Red Workspace provides enhanced merchandising opportunities to help consultants know how to differentiate and customize products for the traveler. Special "panels" give travel consultants additional merchandising options to enrich the travelers' experiences while staying out of the way if they don't need it. So when you offer a room upgrade or an airline ancillary, you’ll see a picture of the actual room or seat.

High-impact visuals, such as video, photos and media placements, offer more expansive product information at the consultants' fingertips

How will you stand out?

INSPIRE TRAVELERS' CONFIDENCE with improved comparison shopping, price transparency, unique market insights and enhanced product information to offer the best travel arrangements

READ TRAVELERS' MINDS with seamless shopping and booking that help travel consultants offer the right products and services at the right time for the right customers, including aspirational shopping

GAIN INSIGHT into available air, hotel and car trends and options with integrated decision-support tools

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